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This has been one insane year. I can somehow say I've survived the stress of remodeling an old house (and living in the construction zone), writing and making an album, AND planning a wedding ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Needless to say, it's been imperative for me to have a place to come home to that feels light and inspiring. A place for my roots to stay anchored while I'm floating around a million miles an hour. I worked with @elsielarson of @abeautifulmess on another room in the house..this time she's come back to create some magic in my dining room. BIG THANKS to she and @wayfair @westelm @appleandoaknash + @lucentlightshop (where everything is from) I'm glad these walls can't talk because we knocked most of them down But I'm looking forward to it being a place that new memories will be made in. A place filled with laughter. And good dinners. The occasional not-so-good dinners. Blueberry messes and beautiful songs. Home. [link to the full tour in my bio!]



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