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I hope my little sister had the best birthday ever today. Sad I couldn't be with her on it but we will celebrate soon! I'm so proud of the person she is. You won't meet someone with a purer heart. It's always been just us two...Satsuki and Mei..with one giant on-going inside-joke against the world, growing up in the sticks, listening to the Space Jam soundtrack on repeat in our room, playing weird & hilarious games at night in our bunk beds when we were supposed to be sleeping, then being senior and freshman in high school together and now working creatively so closely on almost every aspect of my career. She may be the little sister but I look up to her in a big way. Love you, @kellychristinesutton PS. I still feel so bad about the full can of Coke I nailed your head with that one time. For real.



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