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Y'all! Follow Your Arrow came out 4 years ago today! The idea started with a little arrow necklace and poem I'd written for my friend @natalieosborne when she was moving off far away. I sat on the idea for a while then one day I went to write with @katyperry for her album. I brought it to her and she loved it but urged me to keep it for myself. So I went back to Nashville and finished the song with @shanemcanally + @thebrandyclark One of my favorite things for most any aesthetic is when something very classic and traditional is combined with something that isn't. And toying with that blend is one of my favorite things to do. I fought so hard for this one to be even included on the album. And fought even harder for it to be a single. I'm so glad I did. It may have stalled out somewhere in the #40's on the radio chart like I knew it would - but it grew wings. It really means something to me and the many others who have given it wind to sail on. Kids in small towns like mine..wondering if they're straight enough or skinny enough or Christian enough. This life is too short to let others dictate your happiness and self-worth. Here's to everyone who's opened up my world and shown love to this little song and THEMSELVES.



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